Wednesday, December 16, 2009

6 weeks down, 4 to go

This week my training plan called for 24 miles. Monday I did 4 miles outside. The temp was 28 degrees and the roads were snow covered. It was a good run, I just had to watch where I was running.

Wednesday I did 5 miles on the treadmill. The wind chill was 3 degrees with wind gusts up to 40mph. This is the first time I have run on a treadmill since last December, and I hate to run inside, but it was just to cold to be outside.

Thursday I ran 4 miles, once again on the treadmill. The high temp for the day was 7 degrees. It was bitter bitter cold.

Saturday I ran 11 miles. I ran outside. The temp when I started was 20 degrees and the wind was not to bad. It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes for the run. I was pretty pleased with the time.

Okay, one hard week of training left then I start tapering. Next week I have 26 miles on the schedule with a 12 miler on Saturday the 19th. I sure hope I can run it outside. I think I would go nuts running that far on the treadmill. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate. I guess I should expect cold weather living in central Illinois, but that don't mean I have to like it. I will update next week. Come on WDW, can't wait....

Thanks for reading.

Til next time, run strong & enjoy the moment.

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  1. Also living in Central Illinois (Downs...right near you!), I have to applaud your persistence in running, even on the treadmill when the temps and wind were so bad last week. I'm willing to bet that most people just took those days off. Chance of snow on Saturday...we'll keep our fingers crossed that you can make the run outdoors!