Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home from Fishing, Back to Running

Got home last Friday from fishing in Canada. Had a great trip. We all brought home our limit. Tomorrow back to running. I last ran on Thursday the 21st. I imagine it won't be easy getting back in the swing. I will let you know as to how it went and how I feel.

Thanks for reading.

Til next time, run strong & enjoy the moment.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Tomorrow I head to Canada to fish for a week with my Dad. This is an annual trip taken every year. Dad has been going for over thirty five years. I think this will be my 13th time going with him. There are several other guys who go with us every year. It's a long trip to get there, but well worth it. I get to spend time with Dad and do some great walleye fishing for a week.

I got 15 miles in this week, knowing I won't run for over a week while fishing. I know it's going to stink when I start up again after I get home, but hey I only do this fishing trip once a year. The last week of June I start my training for the Disneyland 1/2 in September. My wife and I are really looking forward to seeing Disneyland again. We were last there in March of 2001 right after California Adventure opened. I'm sure lots has changed since then.

It's only a little over a month until we go to WDW for a week. We are really starting to get excited about it. I have made some breakfast ADR's, one at Boma and the other is a surprise for my daughter & her husband. Can't wait to get there.

I hope your training/ running is going well now that the warm weather has arrived. Again, thanks for reading.

Til next time, run strong & enjoy the moment.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mary Poppins on Broadway

This past Saturday my wife and I traveled to Chicago to watch the Broadway production of Mary Poppins. In a word it was Fantastic!!!! We arrived early and had some time to spend walking along Michigan Ave. And yes, I went into the Garmin store and looked at the GPS training watches. I have asked for one for my birthday, which is next month.

Okay back to the play. The play began at 2pm. We arrived at the theatre around 1:30pm and had to wait until the doors to the lobby opened. Once we were allowed in, we made our way to our seats. We sat in the balcony about half way up. The stage curtains were made to look like a night time scene of London with homes and buildings lit up. Mary Poppins was printed on the curtains in big bold letters.

The singing, sets and acting were amazing. The actors portraying Mary and Bert were great and had wonderful voices for their singing parts. The transition of moving the sets from the Bank's living room, to the children's bedroom, to the park was very interesting. A few of our favorite scenes were "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" with the entire company (acting out the letters) and "Step in Time" with the sweeps...Bert does some unbelievable stunts. Mary's departure in the finale, while singing "A Spoonful of Sugar", was very uplifting (hint, hint).

It was an enjoyable time for us both.

A big thanks to Mrs. I run because I can for helping compose this post.

Thanks for reading.

Til next time, run strong & enjoy the moment.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Lake Run 12K

This past Saturday I ran the annual Lake Run. This race is put on and sponsored by a local running club called the Lake Run club. They have put this race on for the past 29 years. I have run this race probably 6 or 7 times.

The race starts at 9am and there are two versions. There is a 4.37 mile loop, which goes around the inside of the lake and the 12K which goes around the outside of the lake. This lake supplies the drinking water for the city I live in. The past 2 years I have run the 12K. Last year the weather was really nasty. It was raining, very windy & cold. This year the sun was out, very little wind and the temp was not to bad at the start. I ran the 12K this year in 1 hour and 6 minutes which was about two minutes faster than last year.

Once you have completed the race there is music, lots of food to eat and free beer to drink. I think the free beer is what draws all of the runners. I was told there were about 1500 people who entered the race this year. I ran with my buddy Jeff, and we had a good time.

I am not signed up for anymore races until the 1/2 marathon at Disneyland in September. I am going to begin a maintenance running program, running about 15 to 20 miles week. I plan on starting my 1/2 training again for Disneyland the last week of June. The first week of my training should commence while I am at WDW. We are really looking forward to spending a week at the World.

Thanks for reading.

Til next time, run strong & enjoy the moment.