Sunday, February 28, 2010

Only 9 weeks to go

This past week I ran a total of 29 miles. Monday was 4 mile easy recovery run. On Tuesday I did hill repeats for a total of 5 miles. Thursday was an easy 4 mile run. On Saturday I ran 15 miles, yes I said 15 miles. That was a first for me in my running life. Prior to Saturday the furthest I had ever run was 13.1 miles half marathon distance. I did a progression run. Started out with a slow pace and finished by run running miles 14 & 15 at a 10:02 pace & 9:32 pace respectively. I was really happy with the run when I finished. Actually felt like I could have gone a little further. I am beginning to believe I can run a full marathon. 9 weeks from yesterday is the big day.

Last Wednesday I registered for the Disneyland 1/2 marathon in Septemeber. Going Coast to Coast again this year. Hope to meet up with my W.I.S.H. buddies from the Dis Boards while in SO Cal.

The picture above is my wife and I with Goofy last Septmeber in Disneyland. Good times & good memories.

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Til next time run strong & enjoy the ,moment.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

One more week complete

I finished another week of marathon training yesterday. Ran a total of 27 miles for the week. My long run was 12 miles. Ran it in 2 hours & 5 minutes. The weather really has not improved much around here yet. Still cold, windy and lots of sloppy streets to run on. The important thing is, I'm still out there putting in the miles no matter what the weather has thrown at me. Race day is May 1st. I'm excited and yes a little nervous. I am just about to the point where I will be running further than I ever have. I know I can do it. Mind over matter right.

I know it's only been about 2 months months since I have been to a Disney park, but I want to go back!!! Next time will be Disneyland in September for the 1/2 marathon. My wife and I counted up not to long ago and we think we have been to WDW 20 times. The Disneyland trip will be our third. Can't wait.

Just a couple good memories above to share with all. Yea I know, I'm a Disney fanatic.

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Til next time run strong & enjoy the moment.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another Week of training in the bank

I ran a total of 26 miles for this week of training. Monday I did 5 miles in 51:32. The temp was 22 degrees and it was snowing lightly. Wednesday was a treadmill day. To cold to run outside. I did 6 miles in 58:36. On Thursday I was able to get back outside and run. Did 4 miles in 40:43.

Today I ran 11 miles in 1 hour and 50 minutes. Average pace was 10:04 for the run. I ran the last two miles in 9:35 & 9:20. Today was a great run. The temp was 15 degrees, but the wind was very light unlike last week. Sun was out ad it felt good on my face. My marathon is about ten weeks away. I'm already excited about running it. I will update next week.

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Til next time run strong & enjoy the moment.

PS Happy Valentines day all.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Marathon training week #3 complete

I ran a total of 23 miles last week preparing for my May 1st marathon. I ran 4 miles on Monday in 40:18. It was a nice slow recovery run. Wednesday I did hill repeats for the first time. Wow, my legs were pretty tired by the time I got down with the workout.

On Thursday I ran 6 miles in 1 hour. Legs were still a little tired, not sore, from the hill repeats the day before. On Saturday I ran 9 miles. What a grueling run. The temp was 26 degrees, wind chill was 10 degrees and the wind was blowing 20mph out of the NNE. The wind was a constant for the entire run. I was worn out when I got done. Another week of training is in the bank.

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Til next time, run strong & enjoy the moment.