Saturday, October 10, 2009

Running at Disneyland Part 2

Day 2 continued. We went to the convention center at the Disneyland hotel to pick up my race packet. We were directed to go down to the basement, which required us to go outside, walk along the hotel and walk down a ramp to underneath the building. When we got to the ramp, the line was very very long just to get inside.

Once we finally got inside, we had to find the right station according to my bib number. After I gave them the waiver and signed in I was given my bib and timing "D" tag. Since I was doing the Coast to Coast I had to go to another station, sign in and have the C to C wristband out on. I was given the instruction DO NOT TAKE THIS OFF UNTIL THE RACE IS OVER.

When then went back outside, up the ramp and back into the convention center to get the goody bag. We stood in a long long line which snaked its way through the expo vendors. I got my Disneyland tech shirt and goody bag. In the goody bag was a copy of the premiere issue of the D23 magazine. That was cool. I bought some gel packs, new socks and several 1/2 marathon shirts. By then it was time to get out of there. We took all of the stuff back to our room out on our swimsuits and headed to the pool to relax for awhile. About 5pm we went back to the room changed our clothes and headed to Disneyland for supper. I know I said in my first post about our trip we watched Magical on the first night, but I was wrong, we watched it this night. When we left Disneyland we walked through some of the shops in Downtown Disney and the went back to the room for a good nights rest. More to follow.

Thanks for reading.

Til next time run strong & enjoy the moment.

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