Monday, March 23, 2009

New Shoes

Today was the first run in the new shoes. They are Asics 2140's. I have been wearing this particular Asics model since the 2040's came out. The shoe provides good stability and support. I ran four miles in them and do not have any issues with my feet, which I know can sometimes happen when wearing new shoes on a run.
Still putting in the miles training for Louisville. Did ten this past Saturday and will do eleven this coming Saturday. The 1/2 is less than five weeks away now. Two weekends ago we were in Louisville and I drove the race route or as much of it as I could. The first five and half are in a city park which looks awfully hilly. I have got to remember to pace myself early on so I don't crash and burn at the end. The race course takes you through historic Churchill Downs. I am really looking forward to seeing it. I plan to take photos of it while running around the track.
We still have not decided on whether or not we are going to WDW this summer. I know we have to make a decision because you only have until March 29 to book the buy 4 get 3 free promo. Guess we need to figure it out this week. Also, still can't decide whether to join D23. It does seem like a lot of money for no more than you get. But hey I'm a Disney fanatic so I will probably join.
Til next time run strong & enjoy the moment

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